Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some things to say

I have three things to report:

1. I love Pilates. When my Pilates teacher tells me to imagine there is a bag of sand in my pelvis, that is all the aesthetic training I will ever need. It is a blessing to be able to move.

2. I love this woman's website: Bits and Bobbins. Whenever I am sad, looking at her amazing creations and suggestions makes me realize that every day is new. My love for it sometimes also makes me remember this creepy guy on a New Jersey train who asked me if I had majored in textiles. I didn't, but sometimes I wish I had. When I am 60, I am going to start a clothing line. I figure it will take me that long to save enough money and finish all my already started but unfinished projects.

3. I love my friend Camilla Schofield's drawings. Not only is she a kick-your-ass-good historical scholar, but she is a really wonderful artist. I think she is in the middle of a one-doodle-a-day project and here are some of my favorites:

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