Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do you like hats? I know you do.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you like ladies' hats? I love the idea of having big, floppy decorated hats for every occasion and wish I had more than the very small collection I do have (it used to be bigger but I lost some in some moves). Anyway, I am a little tight on funds right now, but if I wasn't I would head on over to

Lucy's hat shop
on 1118 Pine St. in Philadelphia!

The owner there, Lucy, (Lucy is her middle name actually), is just delightful and she will help you find a hat for any special or ordinary occasion. She must have 100 or so hats in there at any given time. You want some leopard hats? Yeah, you got it! You want magenta hats with rhinestones? You got it there! You want an acid yellow hat with black trim that will cut into your spleen every time you look at it? Yeah, there is one there right now!

Does this sound like an ad to you? Yep, it is! This is my ad for Lucy's hat shop. It is beautiful, Lucy is beautiful, and most importantly, the hats are beautiful. She also carries lucite jewelry, other antique jewelry, and some old and glamorous coats. Go there! Please!

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