Friday, November 09, 2012

Douglas A. Martin Thunderbird poems

Here are four Thunderbird poems written by Douglas A. Martin below.

         Thunderbird #1

vie lets I could verge you
vices I could kiss

blue fullness of fired pointed
blue raving
blue clear linden in you blue in fired
blue car our first car

green issue shakes out green rugging
green bulb green eye green

yellow honey of the knot
yellow tail not the rumble

orange flowers in the grove
orange sun do I dare

red light hangs in the neighbors window
red paper tonguing the sun
red bird endlessly flying
red and then full and material
red bell heads

         Thunderbird #2

The vision of a tall-masted ship, at sail on the ocean, came to
His first time at sea
Us awake at night, then would
Not a husband
Dire emergency
Errand eased a little, and the surroundings became more gracious
Rev river ruin run rest ringing residents

but where to go?
in the enter fearing moving things
regret that at the present time I can not restore the funds that are owed
diffidence about.

Thunderbird #3

you rose
torch red
ignite a fence of fair

when I look, I don’t lie lick
I don’t a pert reliance

nestle down into this plushness
rose beige recline hair
underneath weeping willow,
the worn leather care

I care so much about the seams
seem the sown is.

          Thunderbird #4

It’s not an
It need not be
a sad sun hand
either, muss

I want to fold
feathered lines
for you in a way to
make them us.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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