Thursday, June 05, 2008

CAConrad's (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises

CA Conrad's new Wolf Recording exercise on his (Soma)tic Poetry exercises page is just amazing! Check it out: Conrad's poetry exercises

Within the exercise, he asks the following questions of us: "How do you fit into the world you see? How you do not fit into the world? Wolves worry about such things all the time, making certain to understand where they fit."
These are really important questions to answer while you are writing a poem.

Also, I think the instincts and ideas behind his creation of the page are wondrous--to give exercises "free to everyone who want to write some poetry." There needs to be more pages like this. And until there are, I am so glad that CA Conrad continues to do his great and generous work. It is just what this world needs.

Also, I love this song: Lovestoned
Whenever I get to 3:30 in the song, I think of a woman all dressed up like a black butterfly gracefully dancing through Justin Timberlake's city streets.

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