Friday, June 20, 2008

$10 student rate to adopt an endangered sloth!

The evercaring Jason Z. just told me about an agency that rescues endangered sloths. For just $10 (a student rate) you can adopt a sloth! Here is the information: Save a Sloth

So, for $10, this is what you get in addition to saving a sloth:

"Package includes:
* 8X10 color photo of the sloth you will be adopting.
* Color information card about the type, and a personal history of your sloth.
* 8X111/2 Sloth Adoption Certificate.
* Annual issue of the 'Buttercup Newsletter'.
* individual wallet size photo cards of adoptive sloth with student's name."

Sloths are pretty fucking awesome in my view. If you don't believe me, then watch this video:

Cool baby sloth

Isn't it great how they put their arms over and under like that?

And then look at this video: Another cool baby sloth video

I love the sloth named Taz in that one.

This video made me sad when I watched it, especially for the first 40 seconds: Swimming sloth video

I don't think that sloth meant to be swimming. I think he was lost. He looked like me when I haven't eaten all day and am wandering around H&M. Anyway, it is nice when they save the sloth and bring him to a tree. (Sorry to give it away if you haven't watched the whole thing yet.)

Anyway, everyone should adopt a sloth.

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Matthew Frederick said...

Here is video of a sloth adoption.

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