Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review of AWE in Bitch magazine and hallway leg of The Tiny Tour is up!

Thanks to the editors of Bitch and the brilliance that is Julia Bloch, there is a new review of AWE in the magazine's current issue. Check it out!

Here is what you will see at first when you check it out (but reversed*):

*By the way, if anyone out there knows how to reverse images in iPhoto, please let me know. I really really need that information, especially for the future.

Also, check out for the hallway leg of The Tiny Tour up there today.


Eric Baus said...

Yo, your stuff is still backwards. EVEN after Coach Baus explained how to flip the photo. I'm just saying, knowledge is power, DL.

Dorothea Lasky said...

Knowledge is power, EB. It really is.

Eric Baus said...

It's still backwards. Is knowledge indifference? Hayo!

Dorothea Lasky said...

Hey, the thing most people don't know about you is that you are actually sort of bossy.

I am through with your oppression!

Eric Baus said...

Hey, the thing most people don't know is that I'm actually always right.

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