Sunday, December 17, 2006

I’ve had a million friends

I’ve had a million friends

I’ve had a million friends
Lived a lot of different kinds of lives
Said “oh how’s that one?” to a many different kinds of people
I have rode on the busway with my new friend and then
Found out that I see an old friend
I’ve talked on the phone to a lot of different people
I’ve said hello to lots of people and I didn’t know their names
I’ve written letters to friends and mailed them
In the clear light of day, the sun beating on the mailbox
I don’t care much for things like that, like friends
I care deeply and when being in love
The sheets upon my face coat over with regret.
Such a wondrous regret! You couldn’t even imagine
The ice-sheets on my face, the red flowers of numbers.
The red flower blooming out on the vine
By the stone house where I walk
Humming to myself
See the way the flowers burst out like birds
That’s the kind of thing I value

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