Wednesday, July 01, 2009

CUE Journal

The spectacular journal CUE is now online. I think it looks divinely beautiful. Many cheers to Mark Horosky and Morgan Lucas Schuldt.

The main page is here.

The first issue is here, where you can find poems and stories by moi and others.

One of the poems on there is called "The Poetry that is going to matter after you are dead." I once read that poem on Weird Deer. This recording can be found here. The beautiful drawing you see featured with the recording is by Camilla Schofield.

Over and out.


mth said...

dottie, my internet has been down for what feels like many bad days & drinking nights...Thanks again for submitting. re-reading your work i fel the same type of excitement i experienced the first time around...i hope you are well...maybe some time soon we can get a drink....

hope you are well....congrats also on the penn sound....

Dorothea Lasky said...

Thanks so much, Mark!

It was an honor to be included!! The issue is breathtaking!

Let's get together soon. Write me or call.


steve roggenbuck said...

dorothea, thank you for this. i hadn't see/read CUE before; this is very interesting stuff