Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Packer Collegiate Day 1


Name Acrostic Poems

Example 1
Example 2

D aring
O riginal
T elepathic
T he Truth is my Goal
I like ice-cream
E lephants are my favorite animals

I know D ottie is my name but still
peOple always spell it Dotty
That is not my name
Truth be told
Igloos are very cold
But igloos are not my namE either

What is a poem?

Poems are things that pay attention to the way words look and sound.

"Stars" by Robert Frost

"January" by Alice Notley
"I'm nobody! Who are you?" by Emily Dickinson

"Rainbow Poem"

1. Romulus and Remus IM Plays/ Dialogue Poems

About Romulus and Remus

A Play

Sample Dialogue

Sample IM conversation

Write an IM conversation between Romulus and Remus 30 entries long

Romulus: Hi
Remus: Hey
Romulus: Funny about Rome.
Remus: Yeah.

[Read aloud]

2. The Silk Road and Flarf

About The Silk Road

Have you ever been somewhere where the weather is very bad?
Have you ever imagined being somewhere where the weather is very bad?

Robert Frost "Fire and Ice"

Flarf Poetry

(by Matt Cozart)

Soon, everything will make sense
Courtesy of miscreant noise
Drawing another kind of national attention
In the championships for two-men teams,
An exhibition of new works on paper,
Canvas, and mixed media
Tearing it up at the ramp.
These days are not derailed but in December.

The grand plan of developers encompassed the entire peninsula
And included the smell of burning rubber,
Another act I had been on the fence about whose works
Reverberate off each other in a low hum
As part of a significant hand in the early millennial union of
Experimental noise and the bookmaking process.

Flarf exercise

1. Pick one kind of extreme weather
2. Name the place where this weather is (this place can be real or imagined)
3. Write down a list of 20 adjectives you might use to describe this weather or place
4. Search 10 (or more, depending on the time it is now) of these terms in Google
5. For each search, copy a sentence, phrase, or word from the fifth thing that comes up in your search into your Word document
6. Spend some time rearranging your finds
7. Title your poem. Your title should have the name of your place in it, but it can be anything.

[Read aloud]

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