Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rose Vallord

For the dreamers in my Gaming and Literacy meeting, 12/11/08

Rose Vallord
Remembered the artwork
Of a million Jews
Which had been stolen
Thom says to write about her
The red sun rises everyday
The blue moon
The children rise everyday
One day I will adopt a
Hundred children who have no mother
Still, narrative, no, is only, not only
A primary act of mind
The skeleton of need
Of every child in the universe
The children that rise
Into the morning in the universe
Have not been killed
By the indifference of a million men
But by the difference
Of a million men
To stretch into the sun
And become
A lifelong thing
Building an infinite of future
Of need, no, not need
But our need
To know what they know
And for them to know
What we have yet to know
And to know what we don’t need
But need in the future
What the world will need
Infinite need into an infinite spectrum
Saving the artwork of a million
Infinite Jews to make
The infinite artwork of an
Infinite universe
To breed infinity
Upon ourselves, a thousand loaves
From one loaf
A million bodies from
One body
An infinite sun
From one sun
An infinite moon
From one moon

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