Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I don't think this is good

I actually think it is so sad that Edwards is out.

He was a candidate that I really grew to like once I understood how in line his views were with my own. You could tell in the last debate, however, that he had lost a little of his rhetorical fire, probably just under the stress of the whole thing and the sad fact that his wife is so sick. It must be really hard to bring it, day in and day out. He had wonderful healthcare and education (especially higher education) plans and I hope whoever eventually becomes the candidate will pay attention to some of his proposed policies and implement them.

I'm sorry that this race was so brutal, John Edwards, and I hope you won't drop out of politics entirely cause we still need you. This selection from the Bible, I mean from Tender Buttons, is for you:

Cloudiness what is cloudiness, is it a lining, is it a roll, is it melting.

A recital, what is a recital, it is an organ and use does not strengthen valor, it soothes medicine.

A transfer, a large transfer, a little transfer, some transfer, clouds and tracks do transfer, a transfer is not neglected.

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